Here's a big list of the questions you might have about FRUU.. and our products! If we've missed anything or your question is particularly unique, drop us an emailTeam FRUU.. is always happy to answer your questions or just have a chat! 

Popular Questions

All of FRUU..'s products in every range are vegan!

All of FRUU..'s products are PETA certified Cruelty Free.

Our lip balms are stocked in Holland and Barrett stores all over the UK. You can also buy direct from our website or from a range of independent shops! Check out our stockist page for more info!

We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.

Yes, all FRUU.. products are gluten and nut free. However, we do work in an environment that may have exposure to nuts and/or gluten.

All our products are designed and handcrafted in London, from our workshop in North Acton!

Our ingredients come from a range of suppliers that have links with farmers and producers who generate surplus materials as a result of juicing processes or mishandled harvested fruits. The fruits are grown in countries with slightly better weather than here in the UK (not difficult!), ranging from Sicily (where we get our lemon seed oil) to Ethiopia (where our avocado oil comes from).

Questions about our shipping

Shipping to the UK is £3.99, any orders over £15 get free shipping!

It takes 3-4 working days for your FRUU.. goodies to get to you!

We do! Shipping costs will be calculated at the checkout page! If for some unlikely reason we are unable to ship to your chosen country, orders will be cancelled and refunded within 48 hours.

AT FRUU.. we strongly believe we have some of the best natural and sustainable products out there! But, if they aren't for you, you can send them back via royal mail within 7 days of receiving them. We'll give you a full refund plus the cost of shipping (up to £5).

Questions about our balms

Our lip balms are made from a blend of enriching coconut oil, calming and hydrating aloe vera and a range of moisturising fruit oils from upcycled and wonky fruits such as watermelon and avocado. The balms also contain Vitamin E which acts as an antioxidant to fight free radicals and pollutants!

For lip balm addicts, 1-2 months. For anyone else 12 months to 3 years!

Our lip and colour balms are made from polypropylene which is widely recycled (same material as butter tubs)... we know this isn't necessarily the most sustainable option and that lots of people are (rightfully) cutting down their plastic use. However, Team FRUU.. isn't currently satisfied with alternatives such as cardboard. Cardboard has a very low moisture barrier unless it is lined with plastic, meaning oils can seep out of the balm and into the packaging. Not only is this messy and inconvenient, once saturated with oils, it's very difficult for cardboard to be recycled.

Our packaging choices are constantly being assessed and developed to find the most sustainable, functional and practical options.

We love your feedback and if you have any suggestions drop us an email! :)

As the lip and colour balms are made with lots of natural ingredients, they can get a bit firm/solid in the winter months or in cold conditions. This is perfectly normal, we suggest keeping the tube in your pocket or someplace slightly warmer to ensure smooth application!

No, the balm is still good to use! We love all things natural at FRUU.. but unfortunately, natural ingredients aren't always as stable as synthetic ingredients, so products can change a bit over time! Some natural oils tend to crystallise and make the balms feel slightly grainy, but they are still perfectly safe to use and will continue to keep your lips hydrated, soft and smooth!

Our colour balms are much more tinted than other tinted lip balms on the market, but also much more moisturising than lipstick!

The colour balms are highly pigmented, they give your lips a vivid pop of colour! We've got a wide range of colours so you can choose whether to go for a bold statement look or keep it more natural!

The colour balms contain a mix of natural minerals such as iron oxide, and titanium dioxide as well as food-safe vegan pigments to provide the pretty red colours without the use of "beetle-juice" aka carmine!

An all-purpose balm that can be used for a range of purposes including moisturising dry skin spots like lips, elbows and knees. Some people also use it as a highlighter on their cheeks or to keep eyebrows in place! It's similar to vaseline or pawpaw but it's 100% natural and uses upcycled fruit ingredients!

Any dry spots, elbows, knuckles, lips, knees, cheeks etc!

Questions about our Deodorants

Unlike others, our DEO’s are 100% natural, aluminium-free, bicarb free (so good for sensitive underarms) and moisturising (thanks to all the oils packed in there) plus our special formula stops bacterial growth that contributes to malodour!

Daily application works well for most people, you might want a top-up before a workout! 

Heavier users (e.g. those managing to hit the gym every day) will get 1 to 1 and a half months out of a tube!

Regular users usually get around 2 to 2 and a half months!

Once open, the tube lasts 12 months.

The smooth and creamy formula is applied directly to your underarms to keep them sweat and odour free.

The formula does this by using arrowroot powder to absorb sweat and keep underams dry. Magnesium hydroxide is also used, it comes from a natural clay and also absorbs sweat and prevents odour with its antimicrobial properties.

No, it's a deodorant not an antiperspirant. But, it does contain arrowroot powder which acts as a moisture absorbent to keep underarms dry! 

No, our DEO balm will not stain your clothes. Some washable white residues might be left on the inside of clothing  depending on the colour and fit of the clothes (just pop it in the wash to remove!)

While no studies have conclusively confirmed any adverse effects of aluminium, there have been some clinical studies showing a disproportionate amount of breast cancer incidences with the use of aluminium deodorants, especially when in the form of aluminium chloride and aluminium chlorhydrate.

Aerosol sprays contain volatile organic compounds with unknown health consequences and are also released into the atmosphere contributing to air pollution.

Questions about our Solids

No! traditional soaps are made via a reaction of oils called saponification and result in products with a high pH that can dry the skin.

None of the FRUU..solid bars are soap based. Instead, the shampoos, face cleansers and shower blocks use a coconut-based cleansing agent called sodium cocoyl isethionate, which gently cleanses the skin and hair without drying it out!

The shampoo bars, conditioner bar and shower blocks last around 45 washes! The face cleanser bars are equivalent to about 350 ml of liquid face wash.

Between use, it's best to keep your FRUU.. solid bars in a dry and cool place. You can also make use of soap trays, containers or vegan wax wraps once the bar is dry!

Regular shampoos use up to 90% water! The high water content means they are larger in size so need more packaging and create more CO2 in transportation! The packaging is also usually plastic!
FRUU.. solid shampoo bars take out that excess water, creating concentrated products that are smaller, lighter and come in non-plastic packaging!
You don't lose out on any of the function because all of our shampoo bars have been thoughtfully formulated and we have bars for all your different hair needs!

The Tangerine Blossom Everyday Shampoo Bar is perfect for all hair types for everyday use. 

If you suffer from scalp issues such as dandruff, the Charcoal & Lime. Scalp+ Shampoo Bar is a good fit for you as it contains ingredients to soothe itchy scalps and help maintain a healthy microbiome. 

If your hair is fine or looking a bit lifeless, then the Lemon & Lavender. Volume+ Shampoo Bar is perfect for giving your hair that extra oomph! It also contains ingredients that help promote healthy hair growth!

Nope, unlike with other solid shampoo bars, you can use FRUU..solid shampoo bars exactly the same way you would use regular shampoo!

Regular shower gels use up to 90% water! The high water content means they are larger in size so need more packaging and create more CO2 in transportation! The packaging is also usually plastic!

FRUU.. solid shower blocks take out that excess water, creating concentrated products that are smaller, lighter and come in non-plastic packaging!

Plus, our Shower Blocks are formulated using a coconut-derived surfactant that is gentle on skin! They all have added moisturising ingredients to ensure your skin is cleansed but not stripped of

its natural moisture!

The Shower Block formulas are pretty similar, so scent preference is most important for your decision.

The Tangerine Sunshine and Grapefruit Garden Blocks are fruity and vibrant and act as an energising in-shower pick me up!

The Herbal Infusion. Shower Block contains lavender and other herbal scents to invoke relaxation and calmness, plus this bar contains mango butter so is a good option for those with skin on the drier side!

The Berry-Calm. Face Cleanser Bar is the perfect fit for those wanting to gently cleanse their skin. While it will melt away the day’s dirt, it's calming and hydrating and won’t irritate your skin. Bonus points come from its soothing oats and restorative olive squalane!

The Pineapple & Charcoal. Face Cleanser Bar is most suited to those with oiler skin that want a deep cleanse! It exfoliates, softens and smoothes the skin using charcoal and pineapple enzyme. Perfect if you want an oil-free finish!

Our products are designed with more sensitive skin types in mind. We do recommend checking the pack label for more detailed allergen information!

All our FRUU.. Solids are scented using a blend of natural essential oils we combine by hand in our workshop!

More Questions?

If you haven't found your answer in the list above, send Team FRUU.. a message! Our Instagram page is also full of lots of brand and product info as well as handy tips! Check it out here