Our message


We're Kelly and Terence, the minds behind FRUU... Our adventure started in a humble spare room, where we crafted our first lip balm. That was the start of something special! FRUU... sprang from our deep love for animals, the great outdoors, and our beautiful planet. When Terence was teaching chemistry, he noticed his students' love for cosmetics but saw a real shortage of genuinely sustainable products in the market. With a childhood dream of designing products, he came up with the name and logo for FRUU... and thus began our journey. We set out to create products that embraced our belief in repurposing ingredients, especially those like "Wonky fruits" - overlooked yet nutrient-rich surplus from the juicing and tinning industry.

Today, we’re proud to have developed over 60 unique products, all lovingly designed and handmade right here in our West London workshop.

Waste Not, Want Not

In everything we do, from product design to business decisions, our focus is twofold:

1) Turning surplus materials into valuable products

2) Sharing our journey towards sustainability with everyone.

Beauty Meets Science in Every Product

Though our products are vibrant and fruity, they are foremost designed to deeply moisturise and nourish. Every item is a result of careful in-house development, where scientific understanding meets thoughtful design, all crafted with love.

Empowering Independent Retail

We envision thriving local high streets filled with the best, most unique shops, stocking locally made, independent brands. These shops are the pride and joy of dedicated owners, and we’re committed to supporting them. Our aim is to create products that not only enhance your looks and feel but also support these community cornerstones.

A Stand for Local Manufacturing

As more manufacturing moves abroad, we risk losing precious artisanal skills and face the dilemma of higher environmental costs. We champion the idea of making things locally as much as possible, whether it’s what we use, wear, or eat. It’s all about supporting local artisans and minimising our environmental impact.

A Force for Good, for Everyone

At FRUU.., our mission extends beyond creating sustainable products. We are deeply committed to being a force for good in every aspect of our work. Whether it’s collaborating with charities, donating our products, educating the community, or providing training opportunities, we believe our brand exists to enrich lives far and wide. Our involvement in these activities is not just an add-on; it's at the heart of who we are. We strive to make a meaningful difference, not just through what we sell but through how we engage with and give back to our communities. In doing so, we hope to create a ripple effect of positivity, inspiring others to join us in making the world a better place.