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New Year, New Skin: 5 Simple Hacks to Make Your Skincare Routine Sustainable and Natural in 2023

Happy 2023 everyone!!

It's time to say goodbye to harsh, synthetic skincare products and switch to something better for both your skin and the environment. Don't worry, it's easier than you think. Here are a few simple hacks to get you started:

  • Ditch synthetic facial wash and switch to our gentle Berry Calm Cleanser Berry Calm Cleanser. Not only is it great for your skin, but the fully recyclable, plastic-free packaging is also better for the planet. Plus, you'll be saving the world one wash at a time!

  • Invest in reusable cotton rounds and facial pads. Single-use products contribute to a ton of waste, so opt for something you can reuse over and over again. Keep an eye out for our biodegradable, reusable konjac sponges coming out in the new year. And who doesn't love a good sponge?

  • Look for products with minimal or recycled packaging, or even better, go packaging-free! Many natural skincare brands offer bulk or refillable options. And don't forget about our FRUU solid products – they're basically the superheroes of skincare.

  • Raid your kitchen for natural ingredients that can be used as skincare remedies. Honey, coconut oil, and avocado are just a few examples. Get creative and experiment! Plus, they're usually more cost-effective in the long run. And if it doesn't work out, at least you have a delicious snack to fall back on.

  • Incorporate sustainable practices into your daily routine. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth or use a low-flow shower head. Every small action makes a big impact. And don't worry, you won't turn into a prune – we promise.

Sustainable skincare doesn't have to be expensive, overwhelming, or time-consuming. By making a few simple switches and incorporating sustainable practices, you can create a skincare routine that's both effective and environmentally-friendly. Start the new year off right by committing to a sustainable and natural skincare routine – your skin (and the planet) will thank you!

Team FRUU.. :)