By Terence Chung

Droughts and hosepipe bans- here's how you can get more water-wise!

We're sure you've seen the headlines about the current situation surrounding water use in the UK, we're having one of the hottest summers on record and many areas of the nation are in drought and more hosepipe bans are being put in place everyday! 

Now more than ever we need to think about water management as an essential step in achieving a sustainable future.

You probably already know that FRUU.. is tackling water crisis and sustainability issues with our solid range of products that help you reduce your water consumption and become a more sustainable consumer!  (Didn’t know that? Go check out the range

But, what else can you do to reduce your water usage even more? Check out our handy tips below!

FRUU..’s Easy water saving tips! 

  • Time your showers
    • If a timer is too boring, why not use a song!  
  • Only wash full loads
    • Wait until you have enough dirty clothes to fill the washing machine, life’s too short for doing laundry all the time anyway, right? 
  • Collect rain water
    •  When it does finally rain, put buckets and watering cans out in the garden when it rains then use this to water plants on dry days!
  • Use left over cooking water
    • Water left over from pasta night or boiling your favourite veggies can be used to water plants!
  • Buy second hand clothes 
    • This may sound random, but a lot of water is used in the production of fabric such as cotton, so try out your local charity shop or a second-hand clothes app!
  • Invest in a dishwasher 
    • Dishwashers typically use less water than hand washing dishes! Saving the planet and your time! 
    • If a dishwasher isn’t an option for you, try filling up a washing bowl  and clean cleanest items first instead of continuously running the tap! 
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday 
    • Not only does this save water, it’s better for your hair. Trust us, as cosmetic scientists we know that your scalp and hair usually benefit from natural oils! 
  • Install a water meter 
    • This will help you track and reduce your water usage and you may even save some money on bills!
  • Fix dripping taps
    • This will also save you from the torturous drip-drip-dripping noise! 
  • Get a refurbished phone 
    • This might also sound a bit random, however Back Market suggest that buying a refurbished phone saves 60 hot tubs worth of water (compare to a new phone)! 

Thanks for reading!