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Why Go Waterless?

Waterless cosmetics and skincare products are a big category on today's cosmetics market! 

But, what are waterless, AKA solid products? They’re versions of your favourite products but without the added water! Usually traditional cosmetic products such as shower gels, shampoos and conditioners use a lot of water… up to 75%!! Water-free versions are better as they have reduced water use or ‘water-footprint'. Water can be added to them during use in the shower, bath, sink etc! 

So, they don’t have water…Why is that so important

Well, the United Nations has highlighted that water plays a very important part in sustainability. They even dedicated 2 of their Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to water and its preservation. So reducing water use and water-footprint it a key way to be more sustainable

Plus, when the water is added at home, it isn’t being transported around the country/world. The smaller and lighter size of waterless products means they need fewer transportation journeys and so they also reduce a product’s carbon footprint!








The small size of waterless products also means they need much less packaging than versions with water and as know you, when it comes to sustainability (and many more things in life) less is more! Plus, when in bar forms, waterless products don’t need packaging that is as rigid with moisture barrier so paper and card can be used instead of plastic or glass. The paper and card keep weight down and can be easily recycled, bonus!

Waterless products are good for you as well as the planet, as they are often much more efficient, a little goes a long way with a waterless formula because they are super concentrated! So a waterless shampoo or shower bar is going to last you much longer than a traditional water containing one. 

If you fancy making your routine waterless, check out our FRUU..Solid range! 


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